The Public Arts Trust offers the citizens of Milton Keynes and beyond the opportunity to better enjoy the internationally renowned heritage that is Public Arts in Milton Keynes.  This new Trust is based in Milton Keynes – half way between the major conurbations of London and Birmingham.

The Trust is intended to be seen as a “beacon” bringing a focus as never before on the great heritage of Public Arts within Milton Keynes.

We earnestly believe this new Trust, for the citizens of Milton Keynes, will be in operation for many years.

Within Milton Keynes borough there are many disparate Arts Groups, some 15 or so in total, but non with such a firm focus on Public Arts.  We are distinctly different, as other local groups are focused on niche areas within the field of arts or heritage.  No other group in Milton Keynes is tackling the issues surrounding either conservation of Public Arts or the ongoing promotion of the art-form.

Across the UK there are a number of Art Trusts, of which Harlow is an eminent example.  The Arts are seen currently as one of the only areas that are still appreciating in value as seen from recent international auctions.

Our aim is to reinforce the real value that is inherent in Public Arts, on behalf of the citizens of Milton Keynes and beyond.  Public Arts are both inspirational and challenging, bringing joy to many.

This new Trust will highlight the essential nature and real worth of “The Arts” in the public realm through the use of education and participation, engaging schools and other academic centres in the process.  Regular exhibitions in central places within MK, starting in 2011, will be used to publicise Public Arts.

Our marketing strategy is to highlight the great heritage in Public Arts that is seemingly going unseen by many.  We will emphasise the great quality and diversity of the Public Arts in Milton Keynes.

The management of the Public Arts Trust, Milton Keynes will, from day one, place a major emphasis on being professional.  We will build on solid foundations, as we all know that everything worth having in life is built on good foundations.

The new Public Arts Trust, Milton Keynes has had a very warm, even enthusiastic, reception and support from all Stakeholders in Milton Keynes.

Aims and objectives of the Public Arts Trust, Milton Keynes

-       To become the preferred custodian, and a champion, of Public Art in MK

-       The conservation of Public Art in Milton Keynes.

-       To assist, as a trusted independent advisor, in the commissioning of new Public Art in MK, in partnership with others via. The Arts Council, Artpoint and other sources of funds.

-       To help ensure that Public Art enhances the quality of life in the UK’s fastest-growing city.

  • This will be via involvement through education and engagement with schools, academic centres, local art groups, businesses and national organisations.  The Public Arts Trust will work with MK Arts Groups and stakeholders to further this aim.

-       To help promote MK as a premier destination for engaging with and enjoying Public Art.

-       To work closely with the Milton Keynes Parks Trust towards the establishment of the UK’s first purpose-designed sculpture park.  Its location, in Milton Keynes, will mirror the city’s ethos as a master-planned city of international standing.

*What is Public Art? As defined in the MK Arts Public Strategy - 2010-2014 Draft Refresh (Extract)

- Public Art can be described as any work of visual art, craft or design produced by an artist, designer or maker and sited in a location that is freely accessible to the public.  It may be made by an individual artist or as a result of a collaborative process involving other design professionals e.g. architects and landscape designers or with users and communities.  In general, Public Art refers to permanent artworks as well as artist-in-residence schemes and temporary projects, such as video projections, virtual projects or publications.