New Artworks for a New City

With well over two hundred pieces of public art – Milton Keynes aspires to be recognized as a public art leader.  In a street survey in 2006 on people’s attitudes to public art and its role today, it revealed the impact of this vision; people feel proud of MK and see public art as a good vehicle to convey this; 69% said public art helps to engender pride in MK; 83% said public art is important in raising the profile of MK; and, 80% said public art was important in creating well designed places.  There also appears to be a wide appreciation of public art amongst younger people, perhaps because they grew up with public art and artists in residence.

Milton Keynes has a wide and varied art community with a good heritage of Public Art. Initiated by a Public Art Strategy, set up in partnership with Milton Keynes Council and Milton Keynes Partnership, Milton Keynes has an obligation to commission regular new artwork for the city and its surrounding area. For your own copy of the current strategy document in MK  please “Click” the adjacent link for a download pdf  – Current Arts and Heritage (Culture) strategy

Our commitment to Public Art means that new artwork will always be given the proper maintenance and care to maintain the artist’s vision, and keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

As the late great Edna Read said  “The Public Art Trust, Milton Keynes must NEVER use an artist’s work without their name.” 
Each and every artwork associated with the Public Arts Trust, MK WILL have a plaque identifying the name of the artist and the date of installation/creation.

For Edna’s article about the history of  Public Art in MK see > The development of Public Art in Milton Keynes, Edna Read