The following have outlined their interest in supporting The Public Arts Trust:

In addition we have very strong support from:-

Will Cousins - Chair of the Board MK Theatre and Gallery Company -

The Board of Management PMSA (The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association) -

The Royal Society of British Sculpture -

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We would like to thank the following:-

Anna-Marie Scheepers – Previously a Trustee

- For her unstinting efforts in helping to bring the new trust to life!

John Napleton - Previously a Trustee

- For assistance in the activities of this charity plus support in other areas. John has reluctantly had to leave the charity due to ill health.   

Silvia Vitellio  - Previously a Trustee

-  For assistance in the activities of this charity plus support in other areas.

Philip Pauley – Previously a Trustee

-  For assistance in the activities of this charity plus support in other areas.

Henk van Aswegen – Past Director of the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre

- For guidance and advice. For the provision of a storage area.

Linda Inoki

- For her invaluable assistance in forming the new trust.

Loretta Miller

- For her invaluable assistance in forming the new trust.

Andrew Soulesbury

- For creating and maintaining the web site.

Kathryn Clements

- For proof reading and assistance in creating the Business Plan.



Charles Saumarez Smith,Secretary and Chief Executive” – Royal Academy of Arts

“I strongly support the proposal to establish an independent arts trust to care for the works of public art in Milton Keynes, which have been placed there over the last forty years as a result of a number of arts initiatives and with the support of public funding.   They include works by major sculptors and need now to be cared for.

Bill Woodrow, – Artist “Sitting on History” – adjacent to Waterstones – Midsummer Place has written to the Public Arts Trust in support.

Michael Sandle - Artist “A Blow for Freedom and – F–K the Media” commissioned for the Theatre and removed to the market – has written to the Public Arts Trust us in support.

Liliane Lijn - Artist “Circle of Light thecentre:mk” – Silbury Arcade

“ I am very glad to hear about your plans to establish an independent arts trust to restore, exhibit and look after the public art works by so many excellent artists that have been commissioned over the last 40 years. It is a great relief to know that there is a concerned group of people in Milton Keynes who want to make sure that these works are not sold and dispersed or simply allowed to decay. It seems to me that, if the works are to be saved for the city, it is quite an urgent matter to set up a specialised trust who would be able to relieve the Council of what has clearly been a complicated and unwanted burden on their, no doubt, slender resources

I, therefore, would like to add my support to that of Charles Saumarez Smith in welcoming your proposal to establish an independent arts trust to care for and conserve the collection for the future.”

Diane MacleanArtist - Stainless steel sculpture – outside Xscape Milton Keynes.

“wholeheartedly support your effort to care for the remarkable collection of public art in Milton Keynes”

Ann Limb – Past Chair MK Arts for Heath charity

“On behalf of the Trustees and staff of Milton Keynes Arts for Health, I should like to offer our wholehearted support to the project to set up a Public Arts Trust in Milton Keynes as a means of ensuring that the outstanding public art in the city, which has been integral to the design and development of Milton Keynes, continues to be conserved and funded. Public art contributes significantly to making our city distinctive and attractive and it is vital that the local community as well as visitors from other parts of England and overseas are able to see art in public spaces in the way that it was intended to be appreciated.

As we know through the work of Milton Keynes Arts for Health, art and creativity enhance healing and help create a sense of well being in individuals and in the community and the public art in our city must be preserved for future generations. We support your endeavours to ensure that public art is including in the forthcoming arts and culture strategy of the Milton Keynes Council.”

Lady Rima Scott - Past Chair AHA – MK

” It sounds a wonderful idea to form a trust that would preserve the outstanding public art collection in Milton Keynes…. ….I think MK owes you a great debt of gratitude for your wonderful work in spearheading this initiative.”

Rita Spada – Past Chief Executive – Chamber of Commerce Milton Keynes & North Bucks.

“I definitely support the principles of the initiative to establish a Trust that actively protects, maintains and continues to support, encourage the appreciation and development of our public art pedigree and engages all sectors of our local, national and international community in the appreciation of our heritage of public art. “