“Urgent need to champion Public Art in MK”

 For various reasons sections of the city’s outstanding collection of public art is suffering from lack of funding and conservation.  As a result, important sculptures in this unique British landscape desperately need new champions, both to restore their physical condition and to help them make a better contribution to the community.

Local people came together to formulate the “Public Arts Trust”, Milton Keynes.  We, its founding members, are passionate about preserving MK’s artistic heritage and creating a brighter outlook for arts in the city.  We have no political or profit agenda: we simply wish to save this endangered artistic landscape.  As we win the trust of public and civic groups, we hope to become the custodians of choice for all public art in MK.  This will benefit local people, as well as the national heritage.

Significance of Public Art in MK

From the very beginning, Public Art* has been integral to the design and development of our city engaging people in different ways.  It contributes significantly to making our city distinctive and attractive.  Public Art continues to add energy, soul and dynamism to Milton Keynes, making it a stimulating place to live, work and visit, and contributing to the quality of life for all.

Milton Keynes has an outstanding collection of public art.  The city is particularly strong in the field of sculpture, the most costly and difficult of all the arts to make, transport, site and find an audience.  For so young a city we have an exceptional appeal to internationally renowned artists, which is largely due to the unique quality of our urban landscape and linear parks.

Immediate objective

Our immediate objective is practical: to deal with the urgent matter of the condition** of existing public art in Milton Keynes, in particular the sculptures.  As the MK Council knows, this is a large and potentially costly task, involving inventories, condition reports, conservation plans, sourcing of funds etc.  We appreciate the need to win support from various bodies, both public and private, and to establish good working partnerships for the years ahead.

**See a relevant image below which show the sculpture – 3B series No 2 -moving in the wind:-
(Clicking on the link below takes you to a web album video.)


Update – MK Council have since made the sculpture safe.
The album, in the link below, shows the poor condition of the sculptures in the CMK park
Can YOU help safeguard our artistic heritage and create a brighter outlook for public art in the city?
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*What is Public Art? As defined in the MK Arts Public Strategy - 2010-2014 Draft Refresh (Extract)

- Public Art can be described as any work of visual art, craft or design produced by an artist, designer or maker and sited in a location that is freely accessible to the public.  It may be made by an individual artist or as a result of a collaborative process involving other design professionals e.g. architects and landscape designers or with users and communities.  In general, Public Art refers to permanent artworks as well as artist-in-residence schemes and temporary projects, such as video projections, virtual projects or publications.